Ascension Technologies


Shotgun (Long-ranged)


3 Kilograms (Unloaded)
3.5 Kilograms (Loaded)

Fire Mode:

Pump-Action (Can be charged)

Ammunition Capacity:

50 (Charge feature uses 5)



"This is X-77 Shotgun from Ascension Technologies. Utilizes pump-action with a fifty round magazine. Able to hit a target the size of a bottle one hundred and ninety meters from you. Possesses extreme hard-hitting firepower only magnified by three individual barrels and a charge-up feature capable of busting through any kind of protection. They [Republic] call it illegal. We call it 'Annihilator'."

-A weapons dealer

The X-77 "Annihilator" Blaster Shotgun is a renowned and widely-used shotgun that is manufactured by Ascension Technologies, being the company's finest and best-selling product.

The Annihilator's components differs and goes against the main idea of a shotgun. Modifications to the gun 'pull' together the blast shots when fired, allowing the wielder of the gun to hit targets at a long distance. In addition, the Annihilator's ammunition is unique. The blast shots are designed to be smaller, straighter, and have a higher impact shock, enabling the Annihilator to pierce through the protection of most combat armors in existance. To maximize the efficiency and overall fire power of the model, Ascension Technologies recently made the gun triple-barreled and modified it to possess a charge-up shot. With the X-77's ability to hit targets at a greater distance whilst carrying a lot of firepower, many outlaws and bounty hunters favor the Annihilator over other shotguns and weapons.

However, due to the Annihilator's penetration and extremely lethal capabilities, it is not allowed to be sold in Republic-controlled weapon stores.


At some point after the X-77's creation, Ascension Technologies was approached by the Separatist Alliance, which, noting the Annihilator's features, offered a deal to the company. The Separatists wanted the company to mass-produce X-77s for them in order to increase the combat effectiveness of their droid armies. Not wanting to take sides in the war, Ascension Technologies turned down the offer.