Rules for the Clone Wars Fannon Wiki is as follows....


  • Proper nouns must be capitalized. You must capitalize beings first and last names, planets, eras, battles, wars, ect.
  • You must capitalize the begining of a sentence.
  • Acronyms must be capitalized, and must be fixed if all the letters are capitalized.
  • If delibratly not capitalizing, then you may be blocked by an admin for a day. If you persiste then you will blocked for longer until, you've reached your seven-day block. From then on you shall be permanatly blocked.

Bold font

  • Use bold font to state the name of each page.
  • If entire sentence or paraghaphs have bold font please rewrite them in normal font. If you persiste you will be blocked for a day by an admin or by me, the founder.

Italic font

  • Use the italic font when writing quotes.
  • If mistakingly you have made entire paragraphs in the italic font please rewrite them. If you persist you shall be blocked by an admin or by the founder.


  • The infobox template is required for minor and major characters, vehicles, vessels, planets, groups, organizations, ect
  • When writing characters you must name the boxes like this; Biologic Information: Homeworld: Born: Died: Height: Hair color: Eye color: Era(s): Affiliation:
  • When writing vessels you must name the boxes like this: Manufacturer: Product line: Model: Engine Units: Hyperdrive system: Shielding system: Armament: Crew: Era(s): Affiliation:


  • Put in a Stub template when your article is not quite finished.


  • We will block you for spamming, swearing, sexual matters, and vandilism.
  1. Warning
  2. Block one day
  3. Block two days
  4. Block three days
  5. Blocked four days
  6. Blocked Five days
  7. Blocked six days
  8. Blocked permanatly


  • Please do not put the same photos on the same article you are editing.
  • Do not put other user's photos on your article.
  • All photos must be 250px size.
  • All photos must be placed on the right side of the screen

Using Chat

  • The chat is a place where us users can discuss our articles, and also just to hang out and have fun by chatting.
  • No swearing or sexual matters are allowed.
  • Chat moderators like ARC Trooper Tal will block you off chat if you violate our terms of chat.


  • Be sure to add your own username category to every fan-made character article you create. This will help identify which article is your work.


If you have anymore questions, go to either Clonefanatic's talkpage or ARC Trooper Tal's talkpage.