Cay Neurodrifter
Darth rasa
Darth Rasa




23,058 BBY


Human (Dark Side Aberration) (Original Body)
Dathomirian Zabrak (Possessed Body)




2.03 meters (Original Body)
2.19 Meters (Possessed Body)


203 Kilograms (Original Body)
144.9 Kilograms (Possessed Body)

Hair color


Eye color

Blue, Yellow (Dark Side)


Before The Republic era Old Republic era Rise of the Empire era Rebellion era New Republic era New Jedi Order era Legacy era

Sith Aprentice

Darth Vader
Darth Maul


Cay Was Born In 23,058 BBY In Umbara And  Founded The Sith On His Leave Of Absinse Cay Went On A 6 Year Jorney To Become Immortal The Jorney Was A Sussess

Rasa's LightsaberEdit

Rasa Went to A Lightsaber Crystal Cave . And Got A Synthetic Lightsaber Crystal And Used It To Make His Sith Lightsaber  And Became A Master Of Every Lightsaber Forms. 

First Battle Of GeonosisEdit

Rasa Was Medataing Until The Jedi came. Rasa Jumped And Killed Many Jedis But Then Defeated By Saesee Tiin  Rasa Swore Revenge On Saesee Tiin. 

The clone warsEdit

Darth Rasa Killed Ashoka Tano Wich Why She Was Not In Revenge Of The Sith. Rasa Resurrected Exar Kun And Exar Replaced His Double-Bladed Lightsaber  With A Synthetic Lightsaber Crystal Later Rasa Is Now Useing Savage Opress's Lightsaber. And Replaced The Crystal With A One He Made That Is Called The Dark Sith Crystal The Dark Sith Crystal Makes The Blade Hotter More Powerfull And Stronger The Blade Is Red With Black A Core Later Rasa Resurrects And Absorbed The Power Of The Son Becoming The New Incarnation Of The Dark Side Later Rasas Body Started Dying So He Did Tulak Hord's Ritual On The Reserected Savage Opress Gaining A New Body And Also Keeping His Powers Later Rasa Disbands The Cis And Recreates The Sith Empire And Uses Clones Of Jango Fett To Counter The Republic And Quickly Ativated The Order 66 Code On The Sith Empire Troopers

After The Clone WarsEdit

Rasa Prefers The Battle Droids Cuz He Likes Them Better Rasa Hasa An Entire Fleet Of Subjugator-Class Heavy Cruisers

After The Final Death SidiousEdit

Rasa Became Emperor & Made Kane Supreme Commander Of The Imperial Military

Dark PowersEdit


Manipulative, Cunning Ruthless  Aggressive, Vicious Pure Hatred And Evil, And Ambitious, Darth Rasa Used Treachery To Break Both Allies And Enemies. Rasa Also Delved Deep Into Experimenting With Long Forbidden Powers In Order To Increase Influence And Seize Authority.

Darth Rasa Took Great Pleasure In The Feeling Of Subterfuge During Their Political Maneuverings And Suffering Of Others And Would Often Torture Minions And Opponents For Simple Amusement. The Sith Lord Electrocuted Those Who Defied Them,


Rasa Was Born Evil. Rasa Is Immortal, Rasa Uses All Lightsaber Form Making Him A Deadly Opponent Rasas Rank Is Dark Ruler Of The Sith

R2-D11 Rasa's Droid

Darth rasa's star fighter

Darth Rasa's Starfighter.